Simeon Lenoir

Simeon Lenoir has traveled extensively in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to weave a spectrum of influences into a tapestry of music that all cultures harmonize with.

“A fantastic performer, a multi-instrumentalist, and a talented songwriter who makes you travel with his music all around the world.” Melody Maker, London.

" Truly uplifting, inspiring musician, Simeon is a wave of happiness, breaking on the shores of superb songs, rhythmically caressing your heart and soul. A tonic! "

" Next week we have the inspirationally talented Simeon Lenoir with a big history of playing across the world, he is not to be missed !! "

" It's Simeon Lenoir tonight, who wins us over with his live show every time " The Magic Garden

Simeon Lenoir basically perform as a solo act, vocal, guitar and feet electronic percussions. It's unic, truly spectacular and he made regularly 500 people dancing.
During The Bimble Inn summer tour for example. Glastonbury, Beautifull days, Bimble Bandada etc...
With a 4 pieces Band, guitar backing vocal, violin, bass, percussions, and drums.

Already on tour in, NY USA, Australia, UK, IRL, France, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Hungaria, Tcheck republic etc ...